Why the TrustTheVote Project?

Tens of millions of dollars have been donated to thinking about or lobbying how to improve elections, end long lines, reduce recounts, minimize contests, and restore trust in the fundamental right of democracy: free and fair elections. That's all good stuff.

It’s time to actually do something. 

We challenge the non-profit status quo of research and survey by fortifying the conversation with solutions that everyone can see, touch, and try.

We exist to reinvent how America votes where the sheer volume of ballots requires computers to complete the count in a verifiable, accurate, secure and transparent manner.

We do so because code causes change.

You should care because people willingly collectively spend a billion dollars to support a Presidential campaign, but rely on black-box 2005-era technology for elections that regularly break and can be easily gamed.

We have the innovative know-how to put an end to the gamble that every major election becomes by relying on obsolete machinery.

We are a Silicon Valley non-profit non-partisan research institute—we know how to build next generation voting systems for about .018% of all money raised in the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Here's what we're doing about it >>