The TrustTheVote Project:

Offering a real alternative to nearly obsolete, proprietary voting technology.

What we are building: 

An open, adaptable, flexible, full-featured and innovative elections technology platform called ElectOS.  It supports all aspects of elections administration and voting including creating, marking, casting, and counting ballots, as well as managing all back-office functions.

The software technology itself is freely available to anyone under a public license for adoption, adaptation, and deployment—that includes elections jurisdictions directly, or more commonly a commercial vendor or systems integrator.

What the results will be:

  • More verifiable, more accurate, more secure, and more transparent than anything ever used for a public election.

  • To make the polling place experience easier, more convenient, and maybe even a delight for both elections officials and voters.

  • Publicly available software to integrate with off-the-shelf hardware that can increase confidence in elections and their outcomes.

Yes, you read that right.

We’re actually designing, developing, testing, and making available real production-ready and more trustworthy election administration software—and only where the automation can ensure the integrity of elections.

Here’s the best part...

The opportunity to actually put this to work is near; a majority of states will soon need to replace their current systems.  And their election officials are desperate for alternatives to the status quo, where today innovation amounts to stockpiling spare parts. 

This amounts to providing an enormous social benefit while rejuvenating a vital commercial industry to deliver, deploy, and support new higher performance, lower cost, easier to use, more trustworthy systems.

It only requires us to get this built, tested, certified, and ready to deploy.  

We CAN do this. Here's How >>


Real Results...

85% of our work is software R&D.

10% of our work is cybersecurity advisory.

5% of our work is public policy advisory.

All to produce:

Publicly Available
Election & Voting Technology