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The TrustTheVote Project has been working since 2006 with a single goal of increasing confidence in elections and their outcomes.  Our objective is simple: offer truly innovative open-source, publicly available software for elections administration and voting that is higher integrity, lower cost, and easier to use for voters and officials alike.  

  • We want to offer real innovation for what is essentially critical democracy infrastructure.

  • Don’t get us wrong: there is plenty of commercial opportunity to deliver our nation’s elections systems--just based on this open standards, open data, open source software layer we call "ElectOS."

  • Our goal is to reinvigorate that industry by removing the "heavy lifting" of elections technology R&D + innovation—activities that simply don't "pencil out" in today's commercial voting systems business models.

  • The underlying technology is too vital to our democracy to make it closed and proprietary.

  • The success of our mission depends on participation from people like you.

Learn how you can get involved or support the TrustTheVote Project to help make a difference in the process of American democracy—and eventually help all democracies worldwide! 

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Stakeholder   If you are an elections official, administrator, director, or elections systems expert, we're especially interested in hearing from you. If you would like to learn more about how this digital public works project can benefit you and your jurisdiction or you are interested in learning more about the TrustTheVote Project Stakeholder Community, please contact us directly by eMail to: stakeholders at osetfoundation dot org or use the Form to the right here and check the box "Stakeholder Community"

Testing & QA    Quality assurance testing is one of the simplest ways to get started with TrustTheVote and its a great way to learn about our software technology, while helping us hunt down bugs.

Coding    Developers can help TrustTheVote in many ways depending on your capabilities and experience.  Tell us your favorite programming language and development environments and we'll match you with a framework component.

Outreach    Help us spread the word about how TrustTheVote Project and other OSET Foundation activities are helping re-invent how America votes in a digital age.  We have all kinds of marketing and promotional initiatives forming and underway.

Web Development    Our web properties are in need of continual innovation and update.  If you hack WordPress, know the SquareSpace platform, are down with Java, Javascript, PHP, dynamic HTML and the like we totally need you.

Writing    We’re building a library of RFCs (Request for Comments); we prepare grant apps; we develop white papers, presentations, and other educational materials; we document our code.  If you know your prepositional phrases from fragments, please consider being a part of some history-making here.

Research    Are you nosey by nature?  Do you have a thirst for trivia, a natural curiosity, enjoy history, or love uncovering answers to conundrums?  We continually need to track down information, compile data, and build a clearer picture of how elections work (or don’t) in the U.S.

Visual Design    We’re continually looking for those who “get” user experience and visual design.  We have needs in both areas; the former to help our interactive design team with the work of developing citizen-facing voting and elections information apps, and the latter for illustration projects of all kinds.  If you tend to agree with the views of Dieter Rams, Hugh Dubberly, Alan Cooper, or Jonathan Ive, then we should talk.


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