Here's How we'll update outdated systems, and challenge the status quo:

By applying open source principles to achieve more verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent election administration software.

FACT: There is no commercially viable way to do this.

By placing stakeholders at the center of the effort—rather than source code—to drive the blueprints of what we build.

FACT:  We have over 200 contributors from 26 states. None of them have ever written a line of source code.

By driving change through open common data standards and new certification models. 

FACT:  We’re participating in standards bodies work and collaborating with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission & National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

By facilitating deployment through collaborations with system integrators and cloud-service providers (for administrative tools).

FACT: We’re a non-profit election technology research institute, without the expertise or business model to deliver production-ready systems.  But our work is available to commercial providers to do so. We’re already chatting with several.


The TrustTheVote Project is a new arrival, and a radical departure.

...and we're just getting started.