The loveliest part of the 2010 UOCAVA Summit being held in Munich has been the city itself. Layered in history, the beauty of Munich is evident even from a quick glance at the conference venues. As unofficial photographer for the trip I thought I would post a few quick highlights. New Town Hall in Munich, Germany

This is the new Munich Town Hall, famous for the glockenspiel that chimes and dances at 11 am, noon, and 5 pm daily. The OSDV team had the fun of watching it perform on our first day in Munich. Underground in this building is where OVF (Overseas Voting Foundation) hosted both our opening night reception as well as the Thursday night conference dinner and awards.

UOCAVA 2010 attendees dining in the Ratskeller Restaurant, Munich This is a picture from the Thursday night dinner event. UOCAVA Summit participants gathered for a traditional Bavarian meal, some excellent local Munich beer, and lots of good conversation. UOCAVA Internet Voting Debate Panel 2010 As a follow up to Gregory Miller's post regarding the "Great Internet Voting Debate" I wanted to be sure to post a picture of our illustrious panel of participants. From left to right they include: Andrew Appel, Constanze Kurz, Tarvi Martens, Harri Hursti, Thad Hall, Alexander Trechsel, Pamela Smith, Gregory Miller, and our own John Sebes (who was apparently distracted when I snapped the shot, sorry John!)