While in Minneapolis this month for the National Civic Summit, the TrustTheVote Project had a fabulous opportunity to reveal our new look. With the help of our friends at Dubberly Design Office in San Francisco, we advanced from being rather invisible to sporting our new red, white, and blue look with pride. Stripes of TrustTheVote Buttons

In addition to our bold new collector buttons and a new look for our project site, we also now have an official TrustTheVote traveling exhibit (coming soon to an event near you). Our design partners at Dubberly really did a fab job with the display - we received compliments on it throughout the summit!

Matthew Douglass, Dir of Communications, greets visitors at the new exhibit booth

Wondering how you can get your hands on one or more of those buttons? Hop on over and  donate a buck or two (or whatever) to the cause and we'll make sure one heads your direction lickety-split. Cheers!