Here at the TrustTheVote Project, we see ourselves as active participants in the broad ‘civic tech’ movementWe’ll never get tired of connecting with other groups who seek to use the power of technology to connect people and improve government at all levels, even when what they’re working on isn’t explicitly in our wheelhouse. 

So we were honored when Reinventors asked our Chief  Development Officer, Gregory Miller to participate on the Reinvent Technology in Politics Roundtable, part of their Reinvent America Series hosted with T4A is a network of entrepreneurs, citizens, and public officials who want to redefine the relationship between the private and public sectors.

Greg joined a panel of political technology experts and entrepreneurs, including Joe Trippi, who led Howard Dean’s landmark presidential campaign in 2004, Ben Rattay, founder and CEO of the online petition website,, and our own Board member Chris Kelly, former chief privacy officer of Facebook, for a lively discussion about how technology can (and should) expand the way citizens interact with their elected officials and their government. So while we’re into creating new and open elections technology to improve the way America votes, it was fascinating to hear all the panelists’ thoughts on the many various ways we can become a digital democracy. 

Watch the 10 minute Roundtable Recap below. The entire 90-minute discussion is available to watch on the Reinventor’s web site

Thank you again to Reinventors, and all the panelists for allowing us to take part in this terrific discussion.