We've been silent because we've been swamped following our presentation last week at the DNC Convention. (Again, really wish we could've presented at the RNC too, but we are meeting with officials in the RNC nonetheless.)

In particular, we were invited to the White House to conduct briefings on our work and then were subsequently asked by some other agencies to prepare some briefing docs on a more disturbing situation: the state of our voting infrastructure as it (barely) stands this November.  We cannot say more (yet), but stay tuned here. 

And that would make this our briefest post in history, except for something even more (far more) disturbing that is breaking now.

Those in our readership who live in the election integrity and security world know that one of the attack vectors to be concerned about is a "FUD ATTACK" (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).  Its essentially an effort to derail public confidence in an election by raising doubts as to the integrity, legitimacy or outcomes of an election.  Even a suggestion in this day and age of DRE machines that have no way to be recounted, can derail an election into recounts and litigation.  Some of you have heard our scenario for what could happen this November.  We started discussing that earlier this year at the annual EVN Conference. 

Well, now you can mix in seriously disturbing comments about rigged elections, illegitimate results, and civil unrest made this morning by Trump officials. See:



This is quickly becoming a grave situation. Our first FUD attack, and by a domestic source--a candidate's own organization (or at least members thereof).
Stay tuned.