With the election behind us, regardless of how you view the results, one irrefutable fact remains (in an age where facts have seemingly become the Rodney Dangerfield of discourse) ... the 2016 general election is absolutely the last election the existing voting machinery of this nation can support.  Another fact: the machinery of America's elections is on its last legs (literally).  Innovation amounts to a discussion of sourcing spare parts from eBay auctions.


Did you know that 43 States must figure out how to replace their obsolete voting machines by 2020? (See the diagram to the left, courtesy of the Brennan Center's Study on the U.S. Voting Machine Crisis).  Some 16 States will start planning how to figure that out as soon as next week.

This is a real and serious problem that we've been working on for a decade (this month is our 10-year anniversary).  We have the solution, and it can increase integrity, lower costs, improve usability, and increase confidence in elections and their outcomes. 

Our flagship effort, the TrustTheVote Project, is building ElectOS -- a 21st century election operating system.  ElectOS will be freely available like other open source projects that run much of our digital world today such as Linux and Android.  Very shortly, we will explain how you, our readers and supporters, can get involved to help ensure that never again is there any doubt about the integrity of our voting machinery or elections.

In the mean time, take a moment to learn more about our work. We hope you will join us in this cause and get involved. The clock is running; 36 months will pass by faster than you think.