UPDATEWe just learned this morning that a series of flight delays, cancellations and weather stranded Gregory in Chicago most of the night and he was forced to abandon and return West.  Unfortunately we will not be represented there today, but it is a rich agenda and we encourage people to check it out if you are interested in the collision of technology and government.

The Techonomy Policy Summit, "At the Confluence of Governance and Tech" is today in Washington D.C.  and our Chief Development Officer will be participating in a panel on government I.T. innovation (Agenda here).

Techonomy Policy aspires to catalyze a higher level of dialogue to the confluence of technology innovation and government. The need for the technology industry and Washington to better understand, engage and productively work together is crucial to the future of economic progress and social cohesion in our tech-enhanced, digitally-enabled times. As technology’s advances spread into virtually every sector of business and society (and for us, elections administration in particular), how do government and policy keep up and respond? And the issues are not simply federal but for us, especially, at the State and county levels.

Techonomy Policy is bringing together legislators, regulators, policy-makers and others in government with entrepreneurs, technologists, business leaders and policy experts. The idea is to have a conversation about forces altering the fundamental relationship between business and government, and to help develop ways to deliberately smooth economic growth, boost social progress and reinforce democracy.

The event will be webcast (details here).  And of course, the event will be all a twitter: @Techonomy and #TechonomyPolicy.