The OSET Foundation announced today the launch of a new Forum, powered by ListBox and underwritten by the Foundation as part of our non-profit education and research charter.

The Forum is available by eMail with full RSS syndication as well.

The new forum is called "Election Technology News" (Election-Tech) and has been in planning for a little over a month.  It appears very timely in light of recent calls in the election professionals community for a source of news and information strictly about elections technology and related matters for elections professionals.  Well, here it is.  And it's for everyone in the elections administration field from academicians and researchers to developers and vendors, to (most importantly) elections administrators and officials.

Visit here to subscribe (or read on below for more information):

Election Technology News ( 

This News and Discussion List will be lightly moderated, but only to ensure it does not become a product promotional channel for vendors.  While commercial interests are invited, we want this to be a substantive election technology news and information service, and not a PR channel for product promotion or any commercial offers.  Thus, messages are lightly moderated, and subscription requests pass through List Administrators for approval.  

And therein lies our 1st request:

A Call for Moderator Help

The OSET Foundation is providing the platform as a free service, but we want and need Moderators.  If you would like to volunteer to help with List moderation, we only request that

  1. you have a background or interest in technology matters, and
  2. some time to respond to subscription or posting requests when they arrive. 

We'll try it this way with three to four moderators and see how it goes.  Our goal is to move information as fast as possible.  Please contact us to offer your voluntary assistance as a Moderator.

About The Forum

This new list is strictly for the discussion of election technology {developments, innovations, products, services, related information}.  

While a considerable source of content will come from subscribers direct contribution postings, we are also pleased to announce that through the generous support of a very advanced content mining and information analytics company, Attensa, the Election-Tech Forum will be "fed" by a content server using Attensa's breakthrough attention and semantics analytics tools. So, in the coming months we expect the Election-Tech Forum will become a channel of original content in this area, powered by Attensa.

Thus, the Forum can, from time to time, dive into technical details. We expect that and encourage it. Moderators will strive, however, to prevent postings from devolving into philosophical technology rants or so-called techno-religious wars.  Ad-hominem attacks will not be acceptable.  All technology-related matters about election administration and voting are fair game within the guidelines above.  We ask all participants to strive for objectivity and intellectual honesty. 

Our hope is to not have to produce or publish any sort of "terms for removal" policy.

Finally, the Election-Tech Forum is to help inform and educate elections professionals.  A Digest Format is available.  We hope to see contributions from everyone with an interest in the very specific domain of election and voting technology -- a focused subset of discussions on EVN, and available for everyone, globally to experience.  And yes, of course, this will include announcements, discussions, and news about all types of technology, open and proprietary.

So, welcome to the OSET provided Election Technology News Forum!

We hope this will serve the needs of elections officials everywhere.  

The Goal: An informative, vibrant, and freely available channel of news and information about election technology