Why should I become a TrustTheVote Project supporter?

The TrustTheVote Project is a non-profit public benefits project challenging the status quo of non-profits seeking change and reform in American electoral processes.  Rather than being a think-tank, we’re focused on actually making truly trustworthy public owned elections technology.  We’re like a “Mozilla for voting machines."  We are about ensuring accuracy, transparency, verification and security in voting systems.  We believe this is critical democracy infrastructure that cannot be privatized—and we need your support to build it.

You cannot find us on the stock market.  There are no shareholders.  We answer to the public—you.  Supporting the TrustTheVote Project helps bring real change in how America votes, not just hope for it!  And that is because we're convinced, "code causes change."

As a supporter, you'll have inside access to the work of our project, with opportunities to jump in.  You don’t need to be a code warrior to play. You'll be a part of the change so desperately needed in how America election systems function. And you’ll be helping to really fix those long lines!  You’ll have the deep satisfaction of knowing that your contributions were way more effective than simply donating to your favorite candidate or campaign.  Your support of the TrustTheVote Project directly ensures those candidates and campaigns have a fair and balanced chance at the polls.

What exactly is (or was) the OSDV Foundation?

When we started 12-years ago, we were the “Open Source Digital Voting Foundation” or OSDV Foundation for short.  The IRS granted our exemption as the OSDV Foundation and we made the name change, because frankly, we’re not about “digital voting” as much as we are all about “election technology.” Then we further evolved into the “Institute” because OSET is not a grant-making organization. As soon as we can get Google to allow us to change our domain from osetfoundation.org to oset-institute.org the evolution will be complete.

So, checks should be made payable to the Open Source Election Technology Institute or simply the OSET Institute. Our Federal Tax-Exempt ID remains:  20-8743186 and our Tax-Exempt Determination Letter can be found here.

How long am I considered a supporter?

When you make a donation to the TrustTheVote Project you are an official supporter for one year from the date you give that gift.  Your support does not automatically renew; we look to you to make that decision if you would like it to renew automatically on an annual basis. But to be sure, our objective is to finish this work in the next five years (2024), so annual support will not be forever.

Where does my donation end up?

Your donations go directly (darn near every penny, except for what some services charge us to process your payment) to supporting the non-profit OSET Institute’s TrustTheVote Project work to re-invent how America cast and counts ballots.  We publish all of our financial records for your review so you can see exactly where the dollars are needed and where they go. If you don’t see something you’re looking for on our site, get in touch!

Bottom line: No pocket lining here; this is a big job and requires talented people and resources that we’re unable to have gifted to the Foundation.

I'm all in... How can I donate more?

Awesome! You can donate as much as you'd like by selecting "other" under "your gift amount" on the Join Us page.

How can I donate by check?

Sure, some people still write those out.  If you’re among them, please send your check made out to the Open Source Election Technology Institute to:

The OSET Institute, Inc.
TrustTheVote Project
530 Lytton Avenue
2nd Floor
Palo Alto, CA, USA

I'm receiving a payment error. Can you help?

We use two services to give you the ease and convenience of choice in how you donate:
CrowdRise, and Paypal.

If you're getting a payment error, please check out the help sections on their websites. PayPal even has live online support.  If that doesn’t do the trick, please email us at drm@OSETFoundation.org and we will have someone assist you.

How long does it take for my t-shirt or other goodies to arrive?

T-Shirts will depend on how you donate but they can take about five weeks (and we hope to speed that up to like 5-days soon). Until we update our gift-giving pages, we contact you about your Shirt size or other goodies.  If you don't see something from us within 5-days of making a donation, please follow-up!

Oops! Can I change my t-shirt size?

Yes.  Yes you can. You are not alone.  Send us a request at drm@OSETFoundation.org and we will make it right.

When I commit to supporting, what happens to my data?

We’re asked this all the time because some supporters who also have political aspirations desire to remain behind the scenes.  That’s fine with us and here’s how it works:  At the point of donating up your data is being given to the OSET Institute.

We will never sell, rent, or give your information to any third-party, and will only contact you as part of this Project. Period.  For more information, check out our terms of service and privacy policy.

What if I change my mind?

Well, we’d be shocked, honestly, but respectful nonetheless.  So, you can unsubscribe from any communications from us at any time. Your donation is a one-time event, and will not auto-renew, unless you explicitly requested it to on a donation page.  If that’s the case, when you “unsubscribe” we will remind you that you elected to auto-renew and need to turn that off.

HELP! I still have a question...

No worries. Email our Donor Relations Manager and we'll figure it out.
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