Public Documents

For information relating to the OSET (formerly the OSDV) Foundation's governance and related matters please see the documents below.

About the Foundation's Name Change

The Open Source Digital Voting (OSDV) Foundation elected and filed to legally modify our corporate name to the Open Source Election Technology (OSET) in January of 2014.

This evolution of our name is intended to reflect the fact that our charter, mission, and work address more than the means by which ballots are cast and counted.

In fact, the TrustTheVote Project, the Foundation's flagship effort is addressing the entire elections ecosystem. A significant portion of our innovation efforts are being invested in elections administration technology including:

  • Online Voter Registration services;
  • Ballot Design and Distribution tools;
  • Polling Place Management tools; and
  • Election Results Reporting services.

So we think you'll agree, Open Source Election Technology better reflects our work.


Documents marked as upload pending are not yet available for download, but will be soon.

Governance Documents

  • Articles of Incorporation of the OSET Foundation  ( upload pending )
  • Bylaws of the OSET Foundation ( upload pending )
  • Conflict of Interest Policy  ( upload pending )

Tax-Exempt Status Documents

Federal IRS Registration

  • IRS determination letter for the OSET (OSDV) Foundation ( view file )
  • IRS Letter Requesting Name Change ( upload pending )
  • IRS Form 1023  ( upload pending )
  • Attachments to Form 1023  ( upload pending )
  • IRS Form 872-C  ( upload pending )
  • Extension to Advance Ruling and declaration of public charity in section 509(a)(2)  ( upload pending )

CA State Registration

  • California determination letter for the OSDV Foundation  ( view file )
  • California Form CT-1  ( upload pending )
  • Exhibit A to Form CT-1 (list of directors and officers)  ( upload pending )
  • Exhibit B to Form CT-1 (description of activities)  ( upload pending )
  • Exhibit C to Form CT-1 (budget)  ( upload pending )

Tax Returns and Financial Information Documents

  • 2013 filings and related documents  ( upload pending )
  • OSET Foundation 2013 Financial FAQ  ( upload pending )
  • 2013 IRS Form 990 for the OSET Foundation  ( upload pending )
  • 2013 Audited Financial Statement for the OSET (OSDV) Foundation  ( upload pending )