Gregory A. Miller

Gregory is one of two co-founders and Chief Development Officer for the U.S. based Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Institute, a non-profit 501.c.3 public benefit corporation headquartered in the Silicon Valley.  He leads all aspects of the Institute's resource development, corporate partner R&D alliances, public outreach, election official stakeholder relations, and government and legal affairs.  OSET is an election technology research and development institute working with elections officials across the country to create publicly available election technology to increase confidence in elections and their outcomes and because we all deserve a better voting experience.  The mission is simple: increase integrity; improve turnout; and lower taxpayer cost.  The strategy is delivery.  To do this, the Institute is tackling the lack of verifiable, accurate, secure and transparent publicly available election technology primarily in the U.S., but with intentions of global availability.  The Institute's flagship effort – known as the TrustTheVote Project – is designing and building a next-generation “democracy operating system” called “ElectOS” to serve as a draft standard for critical democracy infrastructure. All software is freely available to any jurisdiction to adopt, adapt, and deploy—most likely through a commercial systems integrator.

Mr. Miller has 30+ years of technical and business experience in computer and information technology.  Coming from the world of venture capital, Gregory co-founded the OSET Institute in November 2006.  He is a trained computer scientist, with graduate business education, and a law degree focused on intellectual property, technology law, and public policy.  Greg’s technical background includes user interface design, object-oriented software development, TCP/IP networking, and distributed systems.  Greg has been active in the American Bar Association addressing technology law and public policy issues, including Cyberlaw, Information Privacy & Security, and Internet Governance.  Greg is also a member of the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee, and a sustaining member of the Internet Society.  Mr. Miller also served on the San Francisco Voting Systems Task Force from 2010-2012.

You may wish to read a manifesto of sorts authored by Greg and co-founder and CTO, John Sebes here.